How to Control Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome - WITHOUT a Restrictive Diet

Free IBS Webinar

What Kirsten is Covering:

01. Understanding YOUR IBS - if you don't understand your IBS then you can not control it.

02. How to design your IBS 'lifestyle blueprint' - daily regimes that fit easily into your lifestyle and help you reduce your gut sensitivity.

03. Food trigger discovery - pin-pointing your exact food triggers.


Once you finish the training I have a bonus FREE flare up guide for those who are 'action takers'.

Presented by


Kirsten Jackson - consultant IBS dietitian


Katrin Michaels

"I have been working with Kirsten to reduce my IBS symptoms and understand where they come from. Kirsten is working with me through the FODMAP diet and for the first time in years I have been able to be nearly symptom free"